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Basic Firearm Safety Rules

1. Always treat and assume all firearms are loaded and ready to fire.

2. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are on target and ready to fire.

3. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction and keep your muzzle away from anything you do not want to shoot.

4. Be certain of your target, your line of fire, and what lies in front of and beyond your target.

SAFETY is our Number One Priority!


1. Eye and ear protection are required at all times while on the range.

2. DO NOT go forward of the red line under any circumstances.

3. Firearms MUST BE POINTED DOWN RANGE at all times when inside shooting booth. DO NOT BRING ANY LOADED OR JAMMED GUNS INTO THE LOBBY.
If you need assistance with your firearm, leave it in the booth facing down range and
contact range personnel for assistance.

4. Do not shoot the ceiling, the deflector plates, or the target trolley. All shots must go straight into the backstop.

5. The following ammunition types are not allowed inside the range. Shotgun ammunition that is not 00 buckshot or a single slug Steel Jacketed/Armor Piercing

6. Upon hearing the command “CEASE FIRE”, unload your firearm, place it on the bench with the action open, step back from the stall, and await further instructions.

7. No loading magazines or firearms outside of stalls.

8. No shooting across lanes allowed.

9. DO NOT shoot from the hip. Only proper-aimed fire is allowed.

10. No holsters on your person or drawing from a holster unless you are certified by kw defense instructors. Credentials will be inspected.

11. All firearms must be UNLOADED and in a case/container when transported in the lobby and/or parking lot. CCW/law enforcement are exempt.

12. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the minors in their charge and must be present with them at all times in the range or in the lobby.

13. Range personnel retain the right to dismiss anyone from the premises without refund when handling firearms in an unsafe manner, not following the rules and regulations stated above, or suspected to be under the influence of controlled substances.

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