If you just typed “shooting range near me” into your search bar, you can stop here and look no further. KW Defense is Stockton, California’s premier and ONLY indoor shooting range. No matter your skill level, KW Defense is sure to give a shooting range experience like no other by offering a variety of memberships, firearm training courses, and access to special events year round.

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About The KW Defense Shooting Range

Founded by former U.S. Marines and gun enthusiasts who understand the in’s and out’s of firearms and tactical gear, KW Defense is home to a 12-lane state-of-the-art indoor shooting range as of April 2022. This new premier range is complete with heating and cooling, 22 yards of shooting length, a 6-lane training bay and a 6.5ft wide VIP personal bay. All lanes are equipped for both rifles and pistols rated up to 50 calibers. 

The KW Defense shooting range is fully open to the public for a non-member fee of $23 per hour of range time, and free access to range time for any KW Defense member.

Skip the Lines, Become a Member

We offer a variety of memberships that appeal to all types of firearm owners and shooters. Start with the Early Bird Membership and gain access to online reservations up to 7 days in advance, as well as one free hour of range time per day offered Monday through Friday.

Looking for a bit more? Our Gold Membership comes with the same early bird benefits, and some additional perks like 2 hours of free range time per day, guest passes, holster fire and rapid fire certifications, and discounts on all training classes and gun rentals. 

Explore both of these options and more on our KW membership page!

Training Options for Members


Once your membership is secured, you’ll not only be able to book range time for personal use and training, but that membership will also expose you to the variety of training courses offered here at KW Defense. 

We’re proud to Partner with Defensive Accuracy LLC and offer training courses for all ages and skill levels from beginners, to intermediate and advanced shooters. 

Whether you’re looking to renew a concealed carry license, learn the basic skills of pistol shooting, or want to advance your knowledge on the safety and care of firearms, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of experience, we treat our shooters with the utmost respect and aim to educate and guide you throughout the entirety of your shooting range experience here at KW Defense. 

Read more about our currently offered training courses in detail here.

Leave Knowing You Found The ‘Best Shooting Range Near Me’

You won’t be searching for the ‘best shooting range near me’ any longer after stopping in at KW Defense. Our goal is to have our shooters of all experience levels leave the range knowing that they are welcome back at any time. Whether you come to shoot with family, friends, or train alone, know that you’re surrounded by a community of respectful and knowledgeable gun owners and staff that are here to support you. We’re not just a shooting range, we’re your brother in arms. 



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